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Steve Krupp's Curio Shoppe is the place to go shopping for out-of-print Underground Comix, Comic Books and Graphic Novels, and related comic book merchandise: High End Serigraphs / Lithographs, Trading Cards, Posters, Buttons & Pins, Postcards, LP Record Albums and Vintage Catalogs & Zines.

CreaturesWe have lots of merchandise from the now defunct Kitchen Sink Press and Denis Kitchen Publishing that has yet to be added online, so check back often or contact us for special requests.

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The newest collection of unusual art by underground comix pioneer DENIS KITCHEN, features his unique surrealistic “chipboard” drawings.

Drawn without pencil prelims or any aforethought, the spontaneous images are created on the unforgiving pulpy surface of chipboard, the stiff backer board on legal pads and similar.

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