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Denis Kitchen Online is home to three websites:  a comic art store, a comics merch store, and our publishing company.

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Denis Kitchen Art Agency and the Original Comic Art Gallery is the place to go for top of the line Original Cartoon Art and blue chip Comic Book Sequential Strip Art work. DKAA exclusively represents Will Eisner, the Harvey Kurtzman estate, the Al Capp estate (Capp Enterprises, Inc.), Peter Poplaski, Howard Cruse, and others in the sale of original art work and or literary, merchandising and licensing purposes.

You may also visit this business-to-business site for more information about licensing inquiries, client biographies, or if you are a comic book artist looking for representation in the sale of your original art.

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The Denis Kitchen Archive is the place to go shopping for out-of-print comic books and graphic novels, and related comic book and underground comix merchandise: high end serigraphs / lithographs, trading cards, posters, buttons & pins, Postcards, LP record albums and vintage catalogs & zines from Denis Kitchen's personal collection and archive.

Additionally, our archives offer an enticing variety of out-of-print and rare comic strip collections (such as Al Capp's Li'l Abner) and graphic novels (including deluxe signed editions), vintage underground comix and very hard-to-find underground newspapers (many with comix covers). You'll find out-of-print cartoon postcards, a large selection of rare pinback buttons (all comix-related). Buy distinctive Nancy & Sluggo neckties, rare early R. Crumb posters and buttons, Mr. Natural statues and fine art silkscreens plus other Pop Culture and counter-cultural esoterica.

We specialize in character merchandise such as Harvey Kurtzman's Little Annie Fannie, Will Eisner's The Spirit, R. Crumb's Mr. Natural and Devil Girl, Al Capp's Little Abner and The Shmoo, and other Kitchen Sink Press titles.

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In 1969 Denis Kitchen founded Kitchen Sink Press (KSP) and for 30 years published many of the most prominent and innovative creators in the comics field. Kitchen is no longer interested in running an operation the size of KSP, but has established the new small press Denis Kitchen Publishing Co. (DKP) to produce or package a handful of deserving quality books annually. 

Kitchen Sink Books (KSB), founded in 2013 by alternative publishing pioneer Denis Kitchen and book designer/editor John Lind as an exclusive imprint of Dark Horse Comics, has just begun a publishing program focusing on large-format, heavily illustrated art books, archival reprint collections, and original graphic novels. KSB's first project is "Best of Comix Book: When Marvel Comics Went Underground."



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